photoshoot with Masha Matijevic





photoshoot with Abram leonard


"The Travelers" at Fashionclash Maastricht



collection A search for happiness #2



special limited edition: A search for happiness #2



video A search for happiness #2


Happiness necklace



photoshoot with Sascha Varkevisser



collages fictive movie stills: A search for happiness #2


collection A search for happiness #2 at Fashionclash Maastricht


Invitation Crystal Method



video Crystal Method



collection A personal search for happiness
at lichting 09 Amsterdam Fashion Week



photoshoot with Jan Bovenberg



Performance collection: A personal search for happiness



collages A personal search for happiness




Photoshoot Can u Hear me!


Fabric collages Can u hear me !



Photography: Anke Leunissen
Models:Elske Elisen, Elisa de Haseth, Morris_the_poodle
MUAH: Debby Roos, Zjoske van Niekerk
Special thanks : SSA, Carlien Peijsel, Sanne Boertien, de Snorfabriek











Bye, my friend, goodbye
With a lie
You forget and break it

You make it

In my empty room
And we try
To forget and break it

And then
You make it

Do it!

Aphrodite's child- Break

My love for soap operas is the inspiration for this mini collection, want to know what the story is...?
To be continued……..

Before is a limited edition collection.
It's a small collection that shows a little research for my upcoming collection

special thanks to SSA and Arti Lammert


In all of nothingness lies everything. 
Endless emptiness breached by light. 
Our sun, creator of everything we know. 
Through worship and fear we exist because of him
and with him in immeasurable blankness. 

Hymn to the sun,

Runway photo’s : © photo Peter Stigter.
Editting runway pictures: SSA
Atmosphere pictures : Manon Boertien



Black holes, gravity and the bending of space and time.

Einstein’s general theory of Relativity states that space and time are aspects of the same thing — Space-time. It offers a scientific basis for the possibility of time travel.
This, and the implications it can have on our view of life and beliefs was the physical and philosophical premise for this collection.

The geometry of space, the motion of bodies in free fall and the propagation of light were translated in scenic, disorienting shapes and prints from which this collection originated.


Concept, styling and design: Manon Boertien
Photography: Masha Matijevic
Model: Lyanne Tonk
Hair and Make- up: Fleur Pieterse





Atmospheric black and green encircles an infinite,
glowing sand. Challenged by the elements a group
of women instinctively moves on.
Looking for a truth; Their universe of power.

The Travelers:
This collection is inspired by Alexandrine
Tinne (The Hague, 1835 –1869).
She was a Dutch explorer in Africa and the first European woman who attempted to cross the Sahara. During this expedition, on the route from Murzuk to Ghat, she was murdered. In this collection I place this story in a different world. A group of eight women are on a journey through the universe. Traveling by wormhole in the direction of the planets. The purpose is transcending the femininity of Venus.

Concept, styling and design: Manon Boertien
Photography runway: © photo Peter Stigter
Instruments: Geert Jan van der Heide
Special thanks to: SS-A, Ian Martin, Fashionclash, Sanne Boertien.

Photography: Abram leonard
Models: Lisanne Sanders, Muriel Masimo
Make- up: Christy Da Costa Gomez
Special thanks to SS-A, Lars Eggen, Bobby van Dam








Nowadays everyone looks for happiness and the truth in his own way. However, in the past people lived in a community where everyone had a fixed place and role. Happiness and truth was to be found trough God and the family. Today, everyone is an individual who is detached from the unshakable ties of the past and determines his own life. We can make our own choices and decide for ourselves how to fill our life with happiness and truth. It's this behavior of people searching for truth and happiness that fascinates me.

For this collection, I was inspired by a quote of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard: “God exists but I don’t believe in him” (Baudrillard, Cool Memories II, 1987-1990) - in other words: there is no God, but the subjective existence of god does not mean that He is not there or that He has no meaning. God’s existence is therefore in one’s subjective experience. Other sources of inspiration were the mysticism and rituals of new and fictive religions, explored in 1970’s philosophic science-fiction films like Zardoz and Holy Mountain. These sources equally investigate ‘spiritual truth’, by using subjective and fictive believes, mystics and symbolicism. The new collection includes outfits that could be used for my own fictitious religions.

Concept and production
Manon Boertien

Video collection
Photography and Video editing:
Manon Boertien

Video a search for happiness #2
Concept and production: Manon Boertien
Music: Ian Martin
Models: from Rushmodels: Maria Da Silva, Cathelijne Wassenaar, Kristie Smith, Rominy de Vos
Make-up: Florence Claire
Support SS-A

Photography:Sascha Varkevisser
Model: Merel Verberne
Make-up: Florence Claire

collages fictive movie stills:
Model: Renske Boertien

Photography runway: © photo Peter Stigter

Special thanks to:Ilga Minjon,
SS-A,Sanne and Renske Boertien,Fashionclash, Rushmodels, Skooz.com

















































video installation:
A cooperation with Gerda Postma
This work is emerged through our interest in how people experience
happiness. Nowadays there seems to be a connection between this
seeking for happiness, the medical industry and self-help land.
In history, cultures have created religion, rituals and (personal)
superstition to reach Devine liberation and a way of happiness.
In the meanwhile there is also a big exploration towards the
definition of happiness. Some people are looking for external
happiness while others are working hard to find the magic of
happiness within themselves. There seems to be an addiction
to find happiness but maybe we shouldnt forget the necessity of

Concept and production: Gerda Postma en Manon Boertien
music: Michiel Klein
Design invitation: Leanne Wijnsma
Special thanks to: Elisa Traumberger



This collection is about my personal search for happiness.
Everyone looks for happiness in his or her own way.
I try to find this feeling in love, youth, religion, sex and orgasms,
colours and new age.

For example:
I have used memories of the religion from my childhood because
the people in my surroundings always seemed very happy.
These warm memories and corresponding spiritual feelings, I tried to
translate, with a sense of humor, into colours and shapes.
The fabrics I used are (mostly) thin silks, with which I wanted to create
free and unobstructed movement and feelings.

The "window crystal", which was always hanging in front of my window was a
big inspiration for the prints.
It is said that these crystals radiate positive energy, I get happy when
the sun shines through it and fills my room with splendid rainbow-colours.
I made photos, using these crystals as a lens and used these strange,
distorted images in my prints. Mysterious and psychedelic.
One of these photo's I used literally as a digital print on several
From the same crazy pictures I took strange glittering forms as the
starting point for the multi-layered foil-prints i used on a legging a
pair of pants and a dress.

The little Swarovski crystals, paillette fabrics and gleaming foil-prints
are friendly winks to the kitsch in which religion and new age
frequently surround them selfs.
I put some sense of humor in my, kind of serious, concept, because I
believe that when you take everything too serious, you will, for sure,
not become happy.

The collection was presented as a performance.
The performance starts with a female person who stands, covered by a garb,
in in the middle of of a grey cloudy projection.
One by one mystic persons tie floating golden balloons to the garb, until
it, surrounded by holy light and ecstatic music, floats away.
She finds her orgasm of happiness.

Credits: Concept and production: Manon Boertien
video performance: SS-A en Manon Boertien
Video editing: SS-A
Photography Photoshoot: Jan Bovenberg
Photography performance: Herman van Gestel, Burt Quincy, Annemarie Voeten
Photography lookbook: Manon Boertien
Models Photoshoot: Sanne, Renske
Models performance: Thijske,Sanne,Renske,Thijske N, Charlotte, Inge,
Vanessa, Dayenne, Marloes.

Model lookbook: Sanne
Make-up Photoshoot: Vera de Sterke
Make-up performance: Vera de Sterke, Jennifer Haak
Special thanks to: Jolanda van de Broek, Brigitte Hendrix, HTNK,
Peter Leferink, Wim Ewals, Jenneke van der Wal, Bibi Straatman, Annette
Heinen, Irene Ennen, Stephanie Marien, Karel Bakker, Pauline Klein Paste




This small collection is about my everlasting love for music.
The experience of listening to music is the startingpoint for the
silkscreened prints.
When i listen to music I often get into a trance (even without taking drugs).
The prints represent these psychedelic trips.
I got my inspiration for the shapes from several dress-codes used in music
I mixed them up, creating my own style out of it.

photography: Manon Boertien
Model: Joost Haas